Tea Party is Solidarity Poland

From a historical perspective, the Tea Party movement is identical to the Solidarity Poland movement. A grassroots public political uprising against an occupational communist government.

How the last time a communist government was defeated, 1989 Poland.

The following decades were punctuated by revolts against the repressive authoritarian regime in Warsaw, but none had a greater impact on Poland's political future than events in 1980 at a shipyard in western Poland.

With a struggling economy and rumors of corruption and mismanagement within the state causing widespread discontent, a series of strikes by workers paralyzed the country.

Eventually the government was forced to negotiate and on August 31, 1980, workers at the massive Lenin shipyard in Gdansk, led by an electrician named Lech Walesa, signed a deal giving workers the right to strike and form trade unions. This heralded the creation of the Solidarity movement, which would ultimately be instrumental in bringing Poland's communist era to an end.

CNN article

It all started with an underground press. Like our internet.