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Thread: Save our White Race!

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    Save our White Race!

    Save our White Race!

    White Women of Child Bearing Age make up less than 2% of Earth’s Population.

    There is only one single MINORITY on Earth, and it is us, White Folks!

    There is a great clamor to “Save the Whale”, “Save the Environment”, or “Save the Planet”, but where it the great clamor to Save our White Race?

    White Children are the result of two White Parents.

    Only White Parents can produce White Children!

    The greatest gift that you can give to this world is the birth of a White Child.

    Marriage exists for a purpose, that purpose is to produce and raise White Children.

    Save our White Race, preserve the Beauty of our White Women!

    It is up to us to preserve our White Race, no one else can.

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    Fight Back! Have A Large Family

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    We all need to have large families, to think not of ourselves but the future.
    Foreign peoples are out-breeding us in our own nations, and that is serious!

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