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Thread: 9/11 Was An Inside Job - The 9/11 Truth Movement Is Sweeping The World

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    Eye Witness states he saw a Cruise Missile hit the Pentagon

    The Washington Government's Military is in possession of a lot of cruise missiles.

    In 10 years of warfare, how many cruise missiles has the Afghani cave dwellers used so far?

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    9-11 $100,000,000 Illegal Funds Transfer Before the Attack

    The criminals involved knew in advance about the attack; accessories in MASS MURDER!

    Why is the FBI protecting the criminals?

    Has German Technology once again exposed Zionist Crimes?

    Was the Bush Family Crime Organization involved?

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    Star Wars - False Flag Attacks and the Shadow Government

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    Don't the Victims Deserve a Real Investigation?

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    Mass Murder and Obstruction of Justice!

    The Federal Government has paid MSNBC and other propaganda outlets MILLIONS of TAX DOLLARS to lie to defend the criminal lawless Traitors in the Federal Government.

    The Federal Government is corrupt to the bone!

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    This is the scene of the crime where a Mass Murder of American Citizens took place.

    The Victims cry out for Justice!

    When will a real investigation take place that shows us who was truly guilty?

    When will the Victims have Justice?

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    911 Explosion at the Pentagon

    Where is the plane?

    Where are all the thousands of gallons of burning jet fuel?

    Is the Washington Government telling us the Truth?

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    Why did Mr. Olson lie?

    The FBI investigation proved that such a phone call never took place.

    So why did Mr. Olson tell those particular lies, and who instructed him to tell those lies?

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    Explosives Lost During Terror Drill At Phoenix Airport

    Well at least now the thief knows what they have.

    There is no way that any legitimate training was going on in any public location with real explosives; the Federal Government is either murdering us on purpose, or murdering us through incompetence, either way, we must do away with the Federal Government before it does away with us!

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    Brother Nathanael - Did Israel's Mossad Do 9/11?

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