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Thread: America's Changing Demographics on Collision Course

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    America's Changing Demographics on Collision Course

    The most recent Gallup poll has Obama's approval among blacks at 91% and 55% among Hispanics, while only 36% of whites favor the job performance of the president.

    A few thoughts after reading an article from the National Journal magazine The Gray And The Brown: The Generational Mismatch A contrast in priorities is arising between nonwhite young voters and white, older voters.

    The social and racial implications of America's changing demographics is far-reaching. The federal government and many states are facing budget shortfalls as increasing demand for services have been restricted due to decreasing tax revenues.

    As white workers continue to shoulder the weight of the tax burden, Latino and African-American leaders are pressing for increased spending and investment for their communities, schools and youth.

    The ACLU, liberal sociologists and think tanks have opined that increased racial polarization and friction will arise from the need to put the political interests of young racial minorities ahead of older and retired whites.

    Nonetheless, the left is in agreement that tax monies directed to racial minorities must be moved to the front burner.

    Demands that older and working class whites pay more in taxes so the Obama administration's social engineers can redistribute money into communities that are increasingly populated with illegal aliens is unjustified.

    White elected public officials need to be responsible stewards of the people's taxes.

    Eliminate wasteful spending and fraud at the local, state and federal level. Further decrease the financial burden imposed on America's social services and schools by securing America's border and deporting all illegal aliens. Suspend foreign aid while the government continues to operate in deficit spending.

    This will bring temporary relief to the not so rosy multiracial scenario that the left is increasingly troubled by.

    America's social contract agreement with its senior citizens and working class must take precedence over maintaining a domestic racial spoils system.

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    The more multiracial this country gets the more divided it will become.

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    When you lie to the masses, and tell folks with only an IQ of 85, that they are the 'equals' of those with IQ's of 100 (or higher!), and they then believe it, you create an 'Envy Class' which is what the Spinmeisters wanted, to deflect attention from their dreams for a Zionist hegemony.

    All a slave is ever good for, is being a slave. Slavery is an inescapable construct- the only difference between now and 1860, is who is the "Massa." back then it was freedom-loving Christian whites. Now it's war-mongering Jewish people.

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