Who do we blame? Our entertainment industry has worked hard to foster fear and hatred, to keep America on a permanent war footing. Of course that same industry is controlled by a small nuclear power in the Middle East with delusional dreams of world conquest.
They control the news also, prettymuch all of it. We can’t forget this factor, not at all. We aren’t just going crazy on our own, we have professional psychotics helping us every step along the way.
Are we simply supposed to stop fighting for America? Maybe is that a wrong question. Were we really fighting “for” America at all?
What can we expect? Billions have been spent, thankfully not our tax dollars, but privately, to get Americans to hate Islam and to force Islam to fear and hate America. Thank that same “special country” for this. They have a plan. It involves America “going away” as soon as possible. It seems to be working very well for them.