It is a well known fact that Richard Wagner did not like Jews. We have also seen articles concerning Wagner operas being protested by Jewish groups. Not as well known is he is unofficially banned in Israel (Israel's own Supreme Court ruled Wagner music was not illegal).

Here are some interesting article's concerning the ban. I'm sure Wagner is turning in his grave over not being allowed to be heard in Israel.

Jerusalem's Mayor Ehud Olmert [future Prime Minister] told Army Radio that Barenboim's behaviour was "brazen, arrogant, uncivilised and insensitive" and that the city would have to reconsider its future relations with the conductor.

And the Israel director of the Nazi-hunting Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Ephraim Zuroff, said what Barenboim did amounted to "cultural rape".

Larry David's tv show "Curb Your Enthusiasm" dealt with this. David who is Jewish, was whistling a Wagner tune. Another Jew heard him and caused a stir calling David a "self-hating" Jew. Later the guy's daughter toilet-papered David's house and the man wouldn't punish her. To get revenge, David hired a full orchestra and conducted Wagner in the guys front lawn!

Since it is not illegal in Israel, the Arabs there should start having a Wagner festival with Wagner operas en masse. That would really ruffle the "Chosen's" feathers.