"No doubt, if parental choice doesn't match up with the top-down diversity dictates, or if there are demographic differences in test scores, we will see that old worn-out 'racism' card played again".--YWC
Beth Roberts, a co-founder of the tea party group York 912 Patriots in York, Pa., said her organization’s guiding principles are to educate, organize, and campaign and that means keeping an eye not just on national elections, but on so-called “downticket” races, including for the local school boards.

“I can’t control what’s going on in Egypt and Libya,” said Ms. Roberts, a former elementary teacher who is now certified as a substitute. “But I can control what’s going on in Dover Township,” her home town.

Though difficult to quantify, the same forces that swept conservative candidates into office on the congressional and state levels appear to be working their way down to some local races.

Education Week: Tea Partiers Playing a Role in Some School Board Races