On February 9, myself and two other patriots went to College Station, Texas to protest a virulently anti White speaker, Jesse Daniels. One was great pro-White advocate, Preston Wiginton, who sponored the event. Regretably due to the weather, there was a much smaller turnout than hoped, but we did all get a good question in for her. Hopefully, we made some kind of impression on some of the White people, there.

Warping young minds at Hunter College in New York City, Ms. Daniels takes anti-White rhetoric to another level.

Some of Ms. Daniel's assertions:

1) The criminal justice system in America is White supremacist.

2) She implied White nationalism is pro slavery.

3) Cross burning can be made illegal outright (it can only be illegal with the intent to intimidate).


4) Jewish extremist were not behind the "Civil Rights" movement. This was an answer to a question regarding her asserting that www.martinlutherking.org is loaded with falsehoods. It's not, and the Jewish push for "equality" is well documented. http://www.martinlutherking.org/ma-chapter18.html

5) A Mestizo student at a California college who made death threats to Asian students is an example of White racism.

6) She stated European countries value free speech, ignoring the draconian laws many now have

7) She blamed racism for failed Black and Hispanic mortgage loans, in spite of the fact it was forced on banks in the first place to not be racist!


I could go on and may later, but I hope in the future she will be silenced not by force as she would do to us (when asked if she would shut down www.martinlutherking.org, she said "I can't answer that.") but by the voices of awakened White folks!

Event: http://calendar.tamu.edu/?&y=2011&m=...tetime_id=6006

Her Web-page: http://www.jessiedanielsphd.com/