Jamie Kelso

10,000 Angry White Folks May 16, 2009 at a Tea Party Rally

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Panorama of the Mass Patriot Rally
May 16, 2009 at Corona, Southern California

Photo of huge patriot rally by Jamie Kelso, May 16, 2009 Corona, Calif.
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"The Medium is the Message"

Sometimes the MOST obvious thing about a scene is very easy to overlook. Also, I always like to remember Marshall McLuhan's observation that "the medium is the message". Well, every single one of the more than 10,000 patriots saw one thing that was MOST obvious....we were (for all intents and purposes) ALL White! Now, Southern California is probably about 45% White right now. So...how come our patriot rally crowd here is 99% White? Check the faces, arms, and White hands in these photos for yourself.

Well, now we get to Marshall McLuhan's observation that "the medium is the message". The medium that your own eyes are seeing in these photos, and that we all saw in person as well, is an EVENT comprised of over 10,000 White very angry White folks who all spent their whole Saturday driving into the hills of Corona (a fair drive for many of them) to roar, wear angry slogans, wave revolutionary flags and signs, and be seen in public as fighters. So what is the message of such a medium? Even though this message was never spoken from the stage? (But yours truly got to shout it over the top of the whole crowd, so as to be heard and responded to by the whole crowd about twenty times). The message of this medium was (and is): "We (White people) want our country back!"

"We want our country back!"

Every time I yelled "We want our country back!", I am sure that 99% of the 99% White crowd that responded so enthusiastically to that chant UNDERSTOOD that the "we" and the "our" in "we want our country back!" was (and is) our White people. And I'm sure that 99% of that 99% White army of Minutemen (and that's just what it is) simultaneously and implicitly understood the word "back" that they were so enthusiastic about to mean that they realize that somebody stole their country from them. And they intend to take it back. I'm also sure that this army of Minutemen had some very good implicit (and explicit) understanding of WHO stole their country from them and their children. Does it get any better than this? Is what we've been hoping for here? I would answer no and yes to those two questions.

And, lastly, completing the message of this medium, this 99% White roaring muster of more than 10,000 understood the word "country" to mean the entire universe of ideas that the word country commonly represents to any people: their nation, their culture, their neighbohoods, their schools, their jobs, their happiness, their peace, their well-being, their future, their children, their comrades, their language, their faith, their history, their heritage, their borders, their government, their media, their savings. In short...EVERYTHING of life or death importance to them in their lives!

The Ron Paul Connection

Oh, I forgot to mention the Ron Paul connection. Ron Paul Revolutionaries were throughout this "muster" of White Minutemen. The Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty had a tent and tables laden with Ron Paul signs, DVDs, shirts, and literature. I should have had someone take a photo of the huge Ron Paul sign I had hoisted at the front of the crowd, right at my camera position. And the most important and obvious thing was not the many Ron Paul signs. The important thing was the REACTION of all the people in this huge crowd to Ron Paul's name....they love the "Thomas Jefferson of our time". In this crowd, the best conversational opener with anybody in the sea of handsome White folks (a large percentage of whom were our beautiful White ladies!) was a big smile accompanied by the utterance of the now-universally-understood words "Ron Paul!". You know that something good is happening when the crowd that musters is: a) huge; b) 99% White; c) full of families with children; d) attended by a representative ratio of men and women, young and old, affluent and scraping-by; e) literally ROARING, and; f) acting OVERJOYED to be roaring TOGETHER as a FAMILY.


  1. John Alden's Avatar
    Good post Jamie, and the mere existence of a revolutionary party that does not represent any of the establishment, is a perfect example of whites slowly galvanizing when they feel that their very livelihood is in peril. But the thing about that is, although there is certainly alot of anger towards the establishment, I don't know if it is directed properly. We must harness that anger and resentment and channel it in the proper place. From the other forum, I got a pm from a patriot who went to a tea party rally with a sign for white rights. Needless to say, the people didn't take to well to that, and the police were called.

    I think the ball is in our court. Now is the time, we can't waste even a minute; we're not going to see anger like this again for awhile. We must awaken as many people as we can, and direct their anger to the real enemy.